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Brulé Sioux City Symphony. BUY TICKETS!
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Brulé Performs at the Reif Theater
The Reif Theater located in Grand Rapids Minnesota is one of top performing arts venues in the midwest.  The community recently organized a special celebration for Indigenous Peoples Day and invited Brule to headline the event. WATCH VIDEO! 
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New Charity for American Indians
Brulé aligns with new American Indian charitable organization "Following The 7th Direction".
Paul LaRoche will be National Spokesperson.
Brulé Produces TV Series    
We are now featuring the original TV series "Hidden Heritage" (watch pilot episode on homepage). Episodes will be added weekly. The full series is available as a subscription service. MORE INFO!
Group Celebrates 20-Year Anniversary
Brulé celebrates 20-year anniversary, plans new recording projects, and launches humanitarian efforts.  READ FULL STORY! 
New CD "Tribe" Release  
Brulé releases 21st album "Tribe" featuring 19 new songs, haunting instrumental melodies, and classic Brulé soul.  LISTEN TO PREVIEW! 
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From the 1987 World Series:
For our Brulé fans who are also baseball fans and may have followed the 2016 World Series, we have a blast from the past.  

During the 1987 Minnesota Twins pennant drive, Paul and his writing partner Jerry Schmidt wrote the song “Pennant Fever” in hopes of the hometown team, the Twins, making it into the play-offs and into the series.  They won the series.

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